About me

I'm Shannon Ball and my #1 passion is helping women live into their purpose, joy and power.  If you yearn for more it is there for you. I help you bring it to life.

Girl, I see you.  All your life you've tried to keep things together so that you'd be safe. 

Yet, despite all your achievements, you feel stuck. Hopeless. Is this all there is for you?  You are convinced there is something wrong with you that isn't wrong with other people. You want to connect spiritually and you have some big dreams. But that's all they have been . . . dreams.  You stop yourself.  You are sick and tired of being stuck. Of hating yourself. Of being scared.

I know you because I've lived this.  I spent decades of my life yearning for spiritual connection, self-love, and being able to be ok in my own skin. I remember saying, "I just want to be happy".  I had dreams but I always stopped myself.  I was full of fear that others would disapprove of me and, mostly, that I would, surely, fail. Hope was something for other people:  Skinny people.  Pretty people.  People with boyfriends, husbands, families.  Anyone, basically, who wasn't me.

I woke up with and lived anxiety, on the regular.  I often felt a sense of doom and negativity and truly believed this was the way I was destined to live.  This was as good as it got for me.

What Happened:

God, the Universe (whatever you call the Source of All) is always offering us solution and direction y'all.  This was the same for me.  It's just that I kept thinking I'd get it like an Amazon Prime order or something.  Like all the sudden I'd be struck with a hot guy, a lot of money and a perfect bod and then I'd be happy. 

So, due to the amount of pain I was in, I sought and accepted help.  I haven't looked back.
I have worked with therapists, coaches and spiritual teachers who have shown me how to unravel my pain and heal and blossom into the woman I am today.  

We must be willing to bravely encounter ourselves, our wounds and our negative beliefs that have created the life we live in order to change.  That's why we need others to walk with us, cheer us on and shine a light on our paths.

My life isn't perfect, but y'all, when I get challenged it doesn't last long.  I mostly reside in peace. And!!! I have LOTS of fun.  I have faith and experience that shows me the world is abundant and joyful.  I am at home in myself which is AH-MAZING.  I love myself.  I know I can do anything. I don't need skinny, or a man or a certain amount of money, or a different personality to make me "safe" or "happy".

My joy, passion and purpose is to offer to others what has been given to me.  

P.S.  Oh, and I am a Martha Beck trained life coach with over 14 years experience mentoring women to realize their radiant power and potential.  I am also a retired yoga studio owner and a yoga instructor with over 20 years experience helping people integrate their emotional and spiritual selves with their embodiment.

Note that happy for me was totally about the outer world and nothing to do with my relationship with myself or
my ability to save myself.

I want you to know, it wasn't easy. This becoming is the journey of the lioness. 

Join me. Release yourself from the chains of inner bondage so you can experience the joy and freedom you are meant for. No more waiting! 

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Some stuff about me . . .

1. fav tv show:

Umm, of all time? Gilmore Girls.  Duh! Darker show: happy valley

2. workout of choice

3. drink order

coffee, black
I know, wild af

6. self-care favorites

Time outdoors! personal growth/working with my mentor. Spiritual study. connecting with dear friends.  planting flowers. slow walks.  reading.  NAps! baths. i love taking an adventure on my own-travel or a new restaurant or a hike.

4. travel spot


personal and spiritual growth. being active.  laughing. loving. chickens.  retrieving chicken eggs from the chickens. writing this. connecting with people. 
seeing people grow and awaken to their truth and power. I love writing about all that I love.  I could go on and on. I love miraculous life.

Walking in the woods with my dogs.  going to the river and creeks near my house.  delicious food.  enjoying the delights of life with people i love. live music!

Asheville, nc


Get  to  Know me...

6. fav book

food freedoom forever

7. fav scripture

ephesians 3:14-21

8. yoga pose

savasana (duh!)

9. daily breakfast

green smoothie

10. brands i love

lululemon + nike

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Fav weekend activity?

day hiking


reading a good book