Having peace in your mind. 
Understanding when you are triggered in relationship and how to quickly shift yourself to a place of insight and compassion.

Knowing you hold all the inner worth and strength to bring your visions to life.   
Remembering your talents and passions.  Feeling a new sense of joy and purpose.

Waking up without anxiety and fear, feeling a sense of safety in your body.

Approaching relationships from a sense of wholeness instead of desperation.

These are just a few possibilities after our work together.

1:1 INNER CHILD Healing


Our experiences as children form the template for our lives.  If you are experiencing the same sort of feelings, relationship issues, career/finance strain over and over again it is likely that the change lies in healing your inner child.

A Few Symptoms You May Be Experiencing

  • You self-sabotage: you start drama in your relationship, or botch a project at work, miss an important deadline or find yourself repeatedly underperforming when you know you're fully capable of success
  • You feel guilt and shame frequently
  • You crave a lasting, loving relationship but find yourself in toxic relationships with unavailable partners
  • You struggle with obsessive thinking and fear of abandonment
  • You have low self worth, feel insecure and "different" than others
  • You feel stuck and don't know your purpose

Purchase Inner Child 
Healing Sessions

8-Week Transformational Program

What's Included

  • 8 weekly one to one sessions focused on healing your inner child and transformational practices to bring into your life.
  • Recorded meditation designed just for you and your healing