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3 ways to hope now

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3 ways to feel hope now

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transformational life coach and spiritual mentor

Hello I'm shannon.

I want to help you remember your greatness. I will help you find freedom from you anxiety and your struggles.

I have been there. Spiraling into fear, hopelessness and anxiety that is all-encompassing. I craved purpose and passion, believed I was here for something meaningful, but just felt different and beyond help. 

I obsessed about my body, romance, food, how others didn’t like me . . . anything to try to explain why I felt so bad.

I kept trying to do it alone, trying the same obsessive, negative thinking and patterns and getting the same result.

How did I get free?

I sought out and accepted help.

I worked with coaches and healers to heal my childhood patterns and hurts and, as a result, discovered my path, my joy and my spiritual connection.

What's different . . . what's life like now?  It's still real (life happens, I have feelings, etc.), but now I love me.  I know how to intervene if I start spiraling into fear and negativity.  I have faith that there is always a way, always a solution.  I feel a true belonging and joy in living.

I can't wait to share this with you.  It's all of our birthright to live into peace, joy and purpose.

I am a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor as well as a yoga and meditation teacher.

No more waiting.  Begin your new life now!

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