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All your life you've tried to keep yourself numb so that you wouldn’t have to hear the unending negative voice in your head. Now you want that voice to be quiet!

You are all too familiar with the spiral of shame that holds you in a state of fear and sense of impending doom. You explain this misery by telling yourself there is just something wrong with you that isn’t wrong with other people. Your inner dialogue leaves you feeling anxious, fearful and without hope. You often wake up flooded with fear and anxiety. Getting out of this state seems impossible. 

Girl, I feel you. And I am here to tell you: you do not have to be miserable in recovery.

Having experienced childhood trauma and a not so healthy family, I grew up feeling like I was different than everyone else, alone and hopeless. I hated myself, was ashamed of who I was and believed there was something wrong with me. I abused substances and relationships to try to numb and silence these thoughts and feelings so I could have some peace.

Although I experienced recovery, I continued to battle the fear and anxiety that kept me anxious, negative and sure doom was impending. I questioned my worthiness in any and all situations and if I believed I had done or said something wrong I would obsess for days. I didn't believe I could have the freedom from this internal misery that I desperately wanted. 

I finally got coaching where I learned that the brain always returns to what it knows, so I was replaying the past over and again and it was keeping me stuck and miserable. I became aware of how to reprogram my mind. I learned to work with my thought patterns so that I could train and rewire my brain and in essence re-raise myself so that I could experience internal peace and my innermost truth. 

I’ve made friends with my inner critic, have formed a brand new relationship with myself and now I am full of hope, passion, and joy I wake up each day with a sense of purpose knowing that I bring something important to the world through my life! The difficulties I encountered have become my biggest passion: helping women in recovery end the pattern of negative thinking and live into their purpose, joy and power. If you yearn for more it is there for you. 

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Looking for my professional bio?
I am a Martha Beck trained life coach with over 14 years experience mentoring women to realize their radiant power and potential. I am also a yoga instructor and educator with over 20 years experience helping people integrate their emotional and spiritual selves through embodiment.

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Some stuff about me . . .

1. fav tv show:

Umm, of all time? Gilmore Girls.  Duh! Darker show: happy valley

2. workout of choice

3. drink order

coffee, black
I know, wild af

6. self-care favorites

Time outdoors! personal growth/working with my mentor. Spiritual study. connecting with dear friends.  planting flowers. slow walks.  reading.  NAps! baths. i love taking an adventure on my own-travel or a new restaurant or a hike.

4. travel spot


personal and spiritual growth. being active.  laughing. loving. chickens.  retrieving chicken eggs from the chickens. writing this. connecting with people. 
seeing people grow and awaken to their truth and power. I love writing about all that I love.  I could go on and on. I love miraculous life.

Walking in the woods with my dogs.  going to the river and creeks near my house.  delicious food.  enjoying the delights of life with people i love. live music!

Asheville, nc


Get  to  Know me...

6. fav book

food freedoom forever

7. fav scripture

ephesians 3:14-21

8. yoga pose

savasana (duh!)

9. daily breakfast

green smoothie

10. brands i love

lululemon + nike

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Fav weekend activity?

day hiking


reading a good book