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How to Get Better from the inside out

What if I told you there was a way to feel safe and connected to yourself and God/Universe no matter what was going on?  Would you be tempted to learn more?

We often spend our lives running from our own inner world.

Perfectionism, workaholism, accomplishments, alcohol, body obsession, over/under eating, sex, drugs, alcohol, TV, social media are just some of the ways we try to soother ourselves . . . the list goes on and on.

We are taught that we should “fix” our suffering by focusing on the external.
But what really happens is we add to our suffering by pushing it down into our bodies.  

This pushing it down causes us to act from the pain instead of our true self.  This leads to more trauma and suffering.

There is real hope.  You CAN heal yourself and be free. It isn’t always easy (it is the heroine’s journey), but it will result in a strengthened sense of purpose, self -love, Spiritual connection and clear life vision.

Here’s where the journey starts.

The Emotional Body

The emotional body is where every single experience you have ever had resides.  If you have not learned to release and feel emotion in a healthy manner you will often stuff it.  The feelings stay stuffed down in your body where they grow and fester–trying to get your attention. All sorts of emotional and physical ailments arise from this repression.

The feelings are so scary that we often turn to negative patterns and addictions that create their own dramas and distractions that momentarily take us further away from the original pain.

The Good News-and there’s lots!
Although this repressed feeling business can be daunting-it is where the treasure lies.  I promise.  When your emotional body is allowed to express the pent up feelings, your natural sense of well-being, safety and inner guidance can begin to flow.  And they do!

When your energy is not spent pushing all that gunk down, there is an open channel through which the Divine within you can be seen, felt and heard. 

What you are here for begins to become clear.  Visions of your purpose will seem to offer themselves daily AND you will begin to have a sense of tenderness and compassion towards yourself. 

When you truly have compassion towards yourself, you offer it to the world through your very being.  You become a healer.

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