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Freedom-it’s in your emotional body

Feel like you have done the inner work and yet continue to find that you are possessed by self-criticism and a lack of internal peace and connection?

The Path Less Traveled
There is a solution.  Life will still happen (you’ll have all sorts of feelings and experiences) but you CAN stop be haunted by a sense of:

🔸 I am not good enough on my own-I must be prettier, thinner, faster, better, the best, produce the most, etc.
🔸 Something is intrinsically wrong with me
🔸 Something bad is going to happen/I’m bad

If you relate keep reading.

The world we live in keeps us running from ourselves. 

The promise our culture makes through advertising, etc. is that something outside of your Self will make you ok.  Will finally relieve you of the pain you are in. 

For those of us suffering the internal pain is so great that this false promise seems too good to pass up.  Anything but feel this inner hell.  And we will pursue relief “to the gates of hell”. (AA Big Book)

Have you thought about this . . . why do we keep repeating the same thing over and over (years . . . . decades of our precious lives) and keep thinking we’ll get a different result? And never finding the true answer.

The answer to your pain lies in your emotional body.  The good news?  You can’t escape. The best news?  It is the path to your freedom, your spiritual connection, self love, creativity and compassion.

The emotional body will lead you to the true connection and peace you’ve always dreamed of but may have rarely found. Your emotional body holds every experience, every feeling you have ever had.  And it doesn’t go away over time or because you “forget it”.

Gateway to Freedom
You have the power to heal.  From inside!

I want to encourage you to find partnership in your healing journey. 
This is not for the faint-hearted.  Guidance by someone who has walked the path before you is incredibly helpful and, for me has been necessary. Some ideas:
therapy, coaching, religious/spiritual mentor, 12-step programs, women’s circle.

There is, of course, so much to this path, but it unfolds just as is needed.

Your body is ready to help you become balanced and to feel good in this life.
You deserve this.  By continuing to heal and enjoy life, you will be a conduit of Goodness for others.

To begin:
Next time you feel irritated, fearful or hateful/critical towards yourself

1.  Take a few conscious breaths.  Feel yourself letting go as you exhale and breath healing Light in on your Inhale.

2.  Ask yourself, your body, what is the feeling beneath the story of the feeling. Is
there another feeling underneath the anger, fear, self-criticism?

3.  Feel in your body.  Where is the feeling in your body?  Attend to this like
a loving parent.

4.  Finally, write about the first time (as far back as you can remember) that you
had these stories and felt this more original feeling.

5.  Get support and guidance as needed.

In Love,


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