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How to Feel Safe Now

How are you feeling today?

⬅️ me proving I exercise. Yes, Peloton, I am available to be your spokesmodel.

There is a climate of fear in our country. Our culture. Our families and individual beings that is very painful.  This fear, although excruciating, is also a place of comfort for many of us.  It’s like staying scared is a way that we unconsciously try to control an uncontrollable world.

I spent so much of my life feeling like danger or something bad was going to happen.  This is a common experience for those of us who experienced trauma and/or a lack of feeling truly seen, protected and nurtured as children.

There is so much hope y’all.  When we can heal and move out of fear we open to the tremendous joy, freedom and creativity within ourselves. (Please see *note below)

In the coming weeks I will discuss this more, but for today I want to address some things you can do now to start to nourish a sense of safety and well-being NOW.

Bring Your Sweet Self Back:
Fear is most often about fantasizing (read: catastrophizing) about an unknown future or a past that has passed.  Bring yourself back to where your feet are.

  • Use this guided meditation to help.
  • Take full breaths in and out.  Focus on the sensation of your breath as it fills your inner body.  Pause at the top of the breath.  Release the breath slowly and evenly.
  • Get your tookus outside.  LOOK at the sky.  Take in the beauty


Connect:   I cannot stress this enough!  Isolation is where we are hurt and connection is how we heal.

  • Call a dear friend and tell them the story you are telling yourself.  Ask for reassurance that you are safe
  • Reassure the little girl inside of you.  The inner child is needing comfort and safety.  She needs to know that she doesn’t have to handle this.  That you are keeping her safe now and she can relax and just be a kid.

Move Your Body:

  • One simple sun salutation or a walk around the block can work wonders (don’t listen to your mind-just do it)
  • DANCE!!!! Find your favorite song and turn it up and mooove your grooove thing
Finally, and most important, dear one.
Be sweet and patient with you:

  •   Cuddle with your softest, most cuddly blanket.
  • Put your favorite essential oil on.
  • Watch a feel-good show and drink a cup of calming tea.
  • Surround yourself with soft pillows and a stuffed animal when you go to bed.

Often our instinct when frightened is to run the f* away from the fear by anesthitizing with a substance or person.  Tend to your own fear as if you were a precious child in your own care.

*NOTE: This takes practice (like going to the gym to build a muscle, you will need to practice to build the muscle of well-being).  Also, we very often cannot just put a band-aid on our fears.  Investigation and healing of the root is where the most potent sense of safety will be found.

Ok sweet ones.  Take good care of you today.  A calm nervous system is a great gift we can give the world.  Sending big hugs.

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