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I thought I was Doomed~musings on hope

How many hours of your life have you spent feeling you were different?  That somehow, unlike everyone else, you were unable to achieve contentment? Happiness?

I used to believe I was doomed to live a life of anxiety and unmet dreams of purpose and connection. I believed was, somehow, just plain ‘wrong’.  Deficient and unable to feel at peace and a sense of belonging.

Imagine moving past this way of thinking.  This way of being.
Picture moving past your childhood wounds and patterns that keep you hurting and stuck.

It is possible!  There is so much possibility.  So much hope. Sweetness. Just waiting for you.

See, without help, we are only aware of the tiniest fraction of what is really possible.
Blinded, if you will, by our beliefs-what we think we see, we limit ourselves again and again.

Our limited (or ego) perspective (which begins when we are babies) is created by main things:

1.  the human bias of looking for danger (this was a strong evolutionary tactic that kept the human race alive)

2.  we put on the glasses/outlook of our family, society and culture

3.  we make stories, as children, to understand our place/the treatment we receive in our family system.  Without question or intervention we often carry on or, if you will, “play these stories out” in our lives as adults as well.

This is simple, but not necessarily easy.  Our brains have followed these tracks of thinking for decades.

THE GOOD NEWS? You can always change.  Always.

Here’s a powerful practice to effect inner change today:
💖Write about a painful event, feeling or mood you are experiencing right now in your life.

👑Ask yourself what story you are telling yourself about your experience

🌸Identify if you might be telling yourself a childhood narrative that you have used to explain, for instance, your “not enough-ness”.

🦄Re-write the narrative from a hopeful, resourced (i.e. there are so many possibilities) perspective.

Please email me with your results or if you need help.  I can’t wait to hear!

We must diminish our certainty in our vision. Michael Berg

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